We are “Bosnia Travel” (Ltd), a travel agency from Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have been dealing with tourist business since 2007, and we were officially registered in 2012. So far we have brought to Bosnia and Herzegovina many tourists from the Gulf countries.

We can offer a comfortable accommodation in 4* and 5* hotels near big shopping centers. We can be proud of our log-year experience in business and the most favorable prices of accommodation and transport. On annual level, we realize about 40,000 overnights, and for our tourists/guests, we always choose the best excursions and the most interesting sightseeing places to be remembered with pleasure after going back home.

We are ready for co-operation and organization of accommodation and travels for individuals, families and larger touristic groups. We can also offer the spa services of healing and rehabilitation by thermal-mineral water treatment. At the moment, we are co-operating with over 30 agencies from the UAE, Kuwait, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and some other GCC countries.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a beautiful country with rich history and great natural resources. There are numerous rivers and lakes, wonderful forests and magnificent mountains with lots of water springs and waterfalls. Our spectacular rivers with unspoiled crystal-clear water offer great conditions for rafting, kayaking, fishing, relaxing and enjoying. Stunning waterfalls, breathtaking canyons and rapids alternating with calm waters, make the country one of the top destinations that attracts a large number of visitors. Whichever part of the country you choose, it will be a good decision and an exceptional experience. Furthermore, our hospitable, friendly and kind people are also one of the reasons that the number of tourists visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina has been increased during recent years.

Spa healing in Bosnia and Herzegovina – The tradition of using thermal-mineral waters in this region originates from the ancient times of Greeks and Romans who, even then, recognized the healing properties of our geo-thermal springs.

Our main office is in the popular complex of hotels “Hollywood” and “Hills” (Ilidža – Sarajevo).

We hope you will be one of our partners or guests.

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